I'm Romain Lalire, photographer, videographer and perfomer.



I question reality: this loss of reference points fascinates me. 

I try to materialize it with a sensitive and multidisciplinary approach. 


The creation of images has taken several directions in my atypical career:


"Corporal images" First of all with a training in the art of mime at the Marcel Marceau International School of Mimodrama where the question of the invisible and its materialization have been (and still are) lines of research.  


"Impossible images" then, thanks to the magic that was for a long time my main medium. I put it at the service of artists such as the collective KIT (Printemps de Septembre- Toulouse), Olivier Dollinger for "The missing viewer" or "Abstract Telling" in which I reinterpreted several artworks seen through the prism of magic and mime. 


Numerous theatrical collaborations have also allowed me to explore other ways of producing images on stage. In the show " Baroque fantastique " by the company " Les Ombres ", I worked on mapping with the projection of shadows on a set made up of sails. The shadows played the musicians on stage, splitting up and participating in a loss of reference.


I also created the visual effects for the "Le cercle des illusionnistes" by Alexis Michalik, assisted Thierry Collet on the magic of " Ombres blanches " by the Pernette Company, or " Le préambule des étourdis " by Estelle Savasta, " Jamais Jamais " by les arpenteurs de l'invisible, or again recently on " La ménagerie de verre " directed by Charlotte Rondelez. 


I create performances that I present in a wide variety of contexts:

"Do Disturb" for example at the Palais de Tokyo, but also in events for luxury brands (Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Cartier,...).

In June 2019, I joined the Numeric Lab at the arts center of Enghien-les-bains in order to continue the exploration of new writings, by focusing my work on digital. 


Augmented reality, generative software, real-time programs, mapping, sensors... So many fabulous tools with which I now compose to better question reality and our relationship to images: the digital whole, the multiplicity of media, our (over)-consumption of media and the omnipresence of technology in our lives. 


My work now tends to give meaning to all this profusion and materializes it in the form of photographic exhibitions and interactive installations.